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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Near Future, and the Current Present

The past two days have been crazy sorts of busy at work -- many projects seem to have been put into my sphere, and I'm doing the best I can to keep up. With the one dead hour I had yesterday, I chose to play this web game that teaches you the state capitals -- I've now been asking everyone to quiz me, because I'm UNSTOPPABLE. All state capitals lie stretched out before me. No more secrets.

(We never learned them in grade school, is the thing. The other elementary school class did, but not mine. So a lifelong source of insecurity -- eliminated! Dover, Delaware! Helena, Montana!)

Still a bit in the post-screenplay haze, in which I'm indulging myself with prose. Sweet, luscious prose. Started working on my article for next month's Ostrich Ink last night, going to do some work on that and my Bookslut column tonight... If everything goes well, this weekend I might be able to work on this short story I started back in August. It's about telepathic synchronized divers, and fits somewhat into the strange futuristic universe that most of my short stories tend to reside in.

I kinda love setting stories in The Near Future. Writing about old men who remember their adolescence as scored by Nirvana gives me a strange sort of thrill; via fiction, I'm creating the world into which I'm growing up. I want to collect all these someday, make them into something resembling a book -- but that's a way off thing.

I am ready for Thanksgiving. I am so very ready for Thanksgiving. We get to leave the office at 2 tomorrow, and then it's Valley ho for family bonding and food consumption. Perhaps my cousins and I will sit around and watch TV. Perhaps I will knit an iPod cosy as we do so. Perhaps.

In the meantime, some linkage to compensate for my dullness:

  1. Jeff and Asa throw down about Superman, Incredibles, and Long story; short pier's Nietzschian interpretation.
  2. State capitals. So hot.
  3. The coolest news story you'll read today: Dolphins Protect New Zealand Swimmers from Shark
  4. Give Lady Sisyphus some love. Even computer woes can't keep her from preaching the gospel of the true and right.
  5. There is no number 5.

I'll probably post tomorrow. But if I don't -- happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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