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Monday, November 15, 2004

So I went to the AMAs

My big social dilemna? Turns out it was pretty easy to solve -- I picked up care package supplies (so many little tubes of lotion) on Saturday, Asa was kind enough to bring them to the care package making party, and thus Cinderella got to go to the ball. I wore eye makeup and a pink skirt and watched drunk girls in prom dresses stagger around in the lobby of the Shrine Auditorium. It was pretty exciting.

Being at the American Music Awards is kinda like watching them at home, except more entertaining and fewer commericals. Bon Jovi was pretty great, Josh Grobin reduced my friend to a quivering mass of squealing, and I have to say that Alicia Keys and Usher impressed the hell out of me.

Bonus points to my companions, who did not make ruthless fun of me when SHATNER presented. (I bounced up and down and squealed "Shatner!" It was not a proud moment, but a glorious one nonetheless.)

The fun part was when, during the commercial breaks, the announcer guy would come on and say stuff like, "The American Music Awards celebrates the diversity of music. So if you don't recognize an artist performing, please applaud for him/her/them anyways." Or, "During the next performance, Rod Stewart will be joined by Dave Cos on saxophone. So when you see the man with the saxophone come on stage, please give him a big round of applause."

It was overall an extremely surreal experience, being forced to sit in a room and applaud for people that I actively don't care about. I mean, of everyone who performed, how many have produced albums I've purchased? 1, if you count Gwen Stefani and that copy of Tragic Kingdom I got in high school.

I don't hate pop music. It's fun stuff. But it was nice to go home and listen to some Nina Simone and Zero 7. Stuff I actually like.

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