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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The fifth trimester's the killer

So, I was in the bathroom just now and I was trying to remember exactly how long Scully's pregnancy on The X-Files lasted. This is one of those unanswerable questions, really, because while she made the big announcement at the very end of the 7th season, the 8th season premiere seemed to take place a few weeks later (and thinking about the 8th season premiere, btw, has just sent me into a MULDER BRAIN DISEASE flashback from which I may never recover -- I mean, he had a GRAVESTONE MADE, people, before he was ABDUCTED BY ALIENS, because he was dying of some sad sad BRAIN DISEASE, which fortunately for him seemed to be cured by being mostly dead for three months). The 7th to 8th season time compression seems like a smart idea, allowing Gillian Anderson to remain un-lumpy for the bulk of the 8th season without stretching the show's credibility (yeah, yeah, yeah) -- except that subsequent episodes proceeded to ignore said time compression and correspond to the calendar year, meaning that episodes airing in December took place in December and so forth. Until, of course, they found Mulder mostly dead, presumed he was all dead, stuck him in the ground for three months, and then JUMPED FORWARD THREE MONTHS in the course of one episode so that they could exhume Mulder's body, discover that mostly dead wasn't all dead, and bring him back to life to discover that Scully was now sporting quite the bulge. Meaning, of course, that not only did they lose the advantage of the time compression, but they added three months. So when she gave birth to William Scully-Mulder (god, I really still cannot believe that happened) at the end of Season 8, it was a year later in our Earth-time, but with the adherence to the calendar year and the additional three months...

It's kinda confusing, when you think about it. At the time, we all made jokes about her fifth trimester. But I forgot it was actually true.

Why this line of thought? Got my hair cut this weekend, and it came out pretty damn short. Cute, but short. Kinda like this. It's not that I dislike the length, but it is a little disconcerting, so I was wondering how long it'd take to grow out. And that, naturally, lead me to this.


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