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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Oscar smoshker

The Oscar Grouch will probably have some better coverage of the nominations later in the day/week/whenever he gets off his ass, but for now, I offer you some off-the-cuff reactions:

The Good

  • All of the documentary nominees, especially Super Size Me.
  • Kate Winslet getting nominated for Eternal Sunshine.
  • Brad Bird for Best Original Screenplay.
  • Scorsese actually having a good shot at Best Director, for a movie that was by far one of the best directed movies I saw all year.
  • DEPP!
  • Finding Neverland getting nominated for Best Picture, but not Best Director. This is good for two reasons: I strongly dislike Marc Forster and everyone tangentally involved with Monster's Ball (oh, the hate I have for that movie!), and Marc Forster didn't do a particularly great job. But I did like Finding Neverland -- it was cute and sad and sappy without being too saccharine. I wish it had had edgier content, really hit the darker issues more, but my movie-going buddy and I were wiping away the tears at the exact same moment, and I only feel a little silly about that.

The Bad

  • I know that it got screwed over by the foreign film rules and a lukewarm reception, but A Very Long Engagement deserved better. I'd have loved to see it be nominated for Best Picture over Ray.
  • Or The Incredibles over Ray.
  • Or Kinsey, over Ray.
  • Really, anything but Ray woulda really been something. I have yet to see Ray, I'll admit, but that's because I'm totally burned out on biopics and little I heard about this particular one made me excited about seeing it. (Kinsey, the only biopic I really saw this year, was chock full of PORN, to which I have a deeply held allegiance.) Honestly, I'd rather listen to the music than watch the movie.
  • I'm also kinda over Jamie Foxx. Really not a fan of him getting two nominations. I liked his performance in Collateral, but I don't think it was one of the five best of the year.
  • I know it's stupid, but I really like the song Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart did for Alfie, and I was looking forward to it getting nominated. And I'd much rather sit through Mick live than "Learn to be Lonely," the dreadful over-the-credits song from Phantom of the Opera written so that an original song could be nominated.

The Whuh?

  • Thank you so fucking much, Academy. I was looking forward to writing a nice quick Bookslut column on the Best Adapted Screenplay nominations this week, and then BOOM you go and nominate Before Sunset, which means that not only do I have to watch the freakin' movie now, but I also need to see Before Sunrise -- AND figure out exactly how the hell it ended up in the Best Adapted category. Before Saturday. Yes.

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