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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Watching bad TV is hard work

And last night was exhausting. Lost definitely alternates between Episodes Where Things Happen and Episodes Where Nothing Happens, and it's sad, how underwhelming EWNHs often are. I still like decompressed storytelling. I just like it better when it uses the serialized narrative format to do things like follow through on, say, hypotheticall, pregnant chicks being abducted by Crazy Jungle Dudes. Instead, we got waterfall frolicking and a flashback sequence sans end. I have to admire a show that, right out of the gate, established a really cool structure for storytelling. But when that structure is poorly used, man does it show. I'm totally ready for next week's Boone-and-Shannon extravaganza, if only because things might actually happen. And not just the long-hoped-for reveal that Boone's Secret Gayness might actually be Actual Gayness. Fingers crossed. I can't handle any more pretty straight men on that show, anyways.

Alias was, I dunno... The reboot was cool, and I liked the all-mod offices ("That's totally how I'd decorate my spy office," I said at one point, "with everyone in black turtlenecks") but the Big Plot Reveals left me cold, and I'm kinda annoyed and kinda hopeful... In the end, it just wasn't much fun. And I don't watch Alias for the high drama.

And the more I think about it the more peeved off I get. I mean, jeez, Alias, I've gone to some effort to get a friend interested in the show and I've been watching the first season -- all those episodes I never saw -- and I want to give you the benefit of the doubt...

But sometimes you're just not very good, and sometimes I really don't want to bother with trying anymore. And I know I've been saying that since the second season. But sooner or later, I really am gonna stop.


I'll just give next week a chance first.

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