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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sixteen meetings before Friday

For those who have been wondering where I've been, well, the two-word answer is "nowhere interesting." The one-word answer is "meetings." I seem to be meeting people nonstop these days to discuss projects. None of it will lead to money anytime soon, but the comic book may be getting off the ground at long last, the play is going into rehearsal sometime next week, and I'm about to finish a fourth draft of one screenplay and start on the third draft of another (which I'm hoping to have done before May 2nd, even though it stands no chance of winning a Nichols Fellowship award). I enjoy the meetings, they're fun, and I'm helping people and getting help for myself. It's excellent, to be this busy, to have so many different things going on. There is the occasional drawback, of course.

I went to the eye doctor on Tuesday, who was pleased by the oh-so-slight decline of my otherwise healthy eyes. While I wiped the numbing solution from beneath my lids (beat the hell out of the puff-of-air glaucoma test) she asked if there was anything I wanted to mention or ask about.

I thought about it. "There's a muscle twitching directly below my left eye every once in a while -- I know that's a little south of your juristriction..."

"Well, yes. But that generally comes with lack of sleep. And you feel like everyone's staring at it...?"

Just a little bit.

Last night was pretty lazy, though. I was able to do my laundry, continue work on Draft 4 of the thriller, and email out the next issue of SMRT-TV for copyediting and graphics editing (delegating, it turns out, is a bit more work than anticipated). I very nearly got to watch a full hour of TV, even, and that was pretty exciting (though, instead of watching a complete show, I watched the last half of this week's Veronica Mars, which I fell asleep watching on Tuesday, and the first half of Alias, during which I, yes, dozed off). So, the nights are pretty packed, and the past three days at Unnamed Hit Sitcom have involved a lot of running around and doing things. Hence the lack of blogging.

But I'm back, baby. Better believe it.

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