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Thursday, May 12, 2005

In chaos, patterns arise

Search: Bebop
This is how I find myself listening to the same four tracks from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, looped over and over again. Cowboy Bebop is not a show I have a huge amount of affection for, but man oh man the music -- a blend of Japanese pop and classical jazz/bebop -- is really quite lovely. All I have is the theme song, the closing song, and some random snippets. But it makes for good listening, and all I have to do is type BEBOP into my iTunes search and bliss out.

Now that the job no longer provides me the caffeine, I am learning to make it myself. Specifically, I have mastered the art of the French press, which my roommate got me for Christmas. The French press is a genius device. I boil water, scoop in some grounds, leave alone for five minutes, et voila -- a cup of coffee! Overall, more convenient and cost-effective than my old Mr. Coffee, which is really quite fortunate because I broke the pot two weeks ago and new ones cost $20. I have other things to do with my $20.

Reader's block
I'm currently reading Fortress of Solitude, and it's really very good. But while in the past I did most of my reading in bed, before dropping off to sleep, nowadays I climb into bed and the concept of reading something new is utterly bizarre. I keep turning to old favorites, children's books, anything I've read more than three times. Too mentally exhausted to process new ideas, I suppose.

But last night, I finally forced myself to start Chapter 5, and while I only made it a few pages before collapsing, I feel like I've broken that particular mental block. We'll see what happens tonight, though, after I climb into bed after running around all day, sated with ice cream and Alias. We'll see if I can muster up some smarts.

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