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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

State of the Liz

As most of my blog-oriented thoughts of late have been "damn, this experience would make a good blog post, and hey, this'd be an awesome title for said blog post" and then I've been too busy to actually write said blog post, I instead provide you with the titles and summaries of said blog posts, in the hopes that this will catch us all up. Condensed for your pleasure!

So I'm not going back to Unnamed Sitcom next season, as my job will not exist. This is both sad and fine. It means that I will have the chance to try something new and potentially even more gratifying this year. It also means that I'll be stuck with crappy health insurance that I have to pay for myself. Alas.

So I'm currently in a weird lull, inspired in part by lack of activity on the potential new job front, inspired in part by Unnamed Screenplay Competition, which provides just enough work to pay my rent. I have time to sleep and cook food and exercise now, not to mention read books, pay my bills and do lots of writing. It's exciting stuff.

On the other hand, my DSL modem just died, my car registration is due, and food costs money. Damn.

Exercise accomplished on Sunday, May 2nd
2 mile round trip walk to gym
1.5 hour yoga class
45 minutes spent trying to break into my apartment with keys locked inside
1 two-block jog down street to friend's house to watch Family Guy premiere.
8 hours in armchair making SMRT happen.

My crappy thyroid
So I don't win the Crappiest Thyroid in Social Circle competition, but that pesky hypoactive thyroid condition that's vaguely annoyed the lives of my mother, two of her sisters, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother has finally, totally out of the blue, surfaced in my genetics.

The thing is, I feel pretty healthy all the time. So I'm wondering what'll happen once I start taking the supplements I've been prescribed. Will I achieve a new height of physical being? Will I drop a couple of pounds? Will I become some sort of SUPERLIZ? One can only hope.

Superpowers I'd Like to Gain From My New Thyroid Condition
The ability to catch up on my email while lost in REM sleep
The abiltiy to plug Whedon-related SMRT-TV articles (which, honestly, comprise about 50% of our content) on
The ability to be as funny as, I dunno, Rita Rudner? (I'd aim higher, but it's not a very serious thyroid condition.)

My cup runneth over
And that's all I want to say about the experience of taking my own urine sample.

Writer's Block Cure: [blank] in Space!
It's a really fun game. I've gotten two new screenplay ideas from it. Both of which I really want to write.

I don't have the time to write a new screenplay right now.
But whatever.

On that note -- time for lunch!

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