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Friday, July 08, 2005

One of those entries where Liz just bitches and moans about her life, rather than appreciating the many good things that she has going for her

My Comic-Con press pass apparently didn't go through, and thus my ability to go to Preview night, among other things, hangs in the balance. I am Not Happy.

Sick iPod has been sent off to Apple Mothership for repair. It will hopefully return lively and sprightly and before Wednesday, when I leave for Comic-Con and a week with the family. Knowing my luck, this will not happen.

I have three days to finish this script rewrite which is officially Kicking My Ass, and may not even be good enough to send into the fellowship competition it needs to go into. This fellowship could be Very Good for me, and no I am NOT putting myself under too much pressure, but if I don't get the fellowship then ALL IS FOR NAUGHT.

I've been getting argumentative on the phone when talking to customer service representatives, and this makes me not like myself. I mean, harrassing people who are being paid minimum wage to talk to annoying people like me? Poor form. Bad karma. But I now understand why people do act that way towards customer service representatives. Sometimes, the world is dumb. Sometimes, somebody else ends up taking the brunt of it.

For example, take this week. G8 concluded "with strides towards maybe making change someday," Bush probably gets to appoint two Supreme Court justices, and my favorite public transportation system in the world was bombed.

And I was on the phone with AppleCare for thirty minutes before they caved in and agreed to give me free shipping on my iPod repair.

It's not a just universe. But soon, I'll be able to tune it out again.

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