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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Tonight, after watching Battlestar amongst friends, watching other jaws drop as things were shaken up, I walked home the long way, out of my way. Went up to Tara.

See, the city of West Hollywood is bulldozing this historic building (over seventy-five years old!), despite the protests and noisy complaints of the residents and locals. Called Tara after that movie about the slaves, it used to be a meeting place for the erudite and literate. Einstein and Eleanor Roosevelt had dinner there.

Tonight, there was a candlelight vigil in protest of the city's decision to destroy, and when I walked up to the building the candles were lit, but the people were sitting, talking, lost in the dense brush and "old growth trees" that dominate the property. Conversation echoed out -- I just looked at the house, the flickering lights.

I walked home, my bare arms itching in the night air.

I know this blog has been bare, and I'm sorry for that. It's been a weird few weeks -- first I was gone, and then I came back, and there were so many things to do and I didn't realize how much I still wanted to get done. Not enough has been done. Working on other things, writing coverage instead of scripts, trying not to think about bad news and trying to make some good.

Das Roomie is departing to New York next week, and I'm going with her as she crosses the country -- we'll travel the nation, see things, meet people, and then I'll come back to LA and she won't The trip is a helpful distraction from the fact that I'm going to miss my friend a great deal. But this is a good change for her.

There's so much more to be done before my Jaunt. I should make a list. I should work. I should write and design and upload and reply and send.

But I'm taking it just a little bit easy. Easing into these changes.

After my Jaunt, I come back to LA, get a haircut, get a job. That's the plan. I'll have a new roommate, and Paul's plotting to build shelves, so life in the kitchen will be just a little bit better. I'll come back, and I'll go after prospects and I'll send out my screenplays and I'll make gold out of straw, some fucking way.

But during my Jaunt? During my Jaunt, I will most certainly be updating here. The thing about not blogging is this -- time starts to slip away. And the Jaunt is a trip I've dreamed of taking for years. Always yearned to tour the nation. And, thus, it is a period of time that I most definitely want to preserve.

I wonder if, when I come back, Tara will still be standing. I'd like to hope it will be. Even after all this time, I tend to think that not all change is good.

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