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Thursday, September 15, 2005

David Mamet is Jewish, and I am thematic

Hey, it's only been a week since I last updated! That's pretty good for me, these days.

Let me link to some things my friends have been doing, first off:

  • Mastodon City got its ass redesigned, yo! And the new Junk Science is SO VERY GENTEEL. Very genteel. The sort of comic that I can recommend to my mother. (Bear in mind, though, who my mom is.)
  • Ali is a friend whose art is very beautiful. Very different in style from Asa's Junk Science work. But with a certain thematic resonance.
  • Maureen McGinnis's first studio album is totally available for purchase! Her voice is gorgeous, her songs are angry and beautiful and sweet, and Maureen is rumored to have a vagina. That's how you craft a theme, bitches. I'm thematic.

The temp job at the Jewish nursery school is going all right. Today I was NOT bored out of my mind; this was by virtue of being exceedingly busy. I think I may have screwed up significantly on a few tasks. But I'm fairly confident that they won't notice until I am GONE in a week.

Fingers crossed, anyway.

Because I only work from 8:30 to 2, I try to delay lunch until after I leave, but today hunger and the offer of a veggie burger overcame me, and I hung out with the other ladies in the small windowless room where I stuff envelopes. I am controversial because I've been offered the administrative assistant position, but declined due to the staggering boredom previously described. So today the director of the school asked me what I wanted to do with my life, and I explained that I was aiming for the entertainment industry, because being paid to write things is a chief interest of mine.

F. looked up from her onion rings. "You can write things here! The newsletter needs writing-"

"Really, the teachers write it, we just edit it," R. interjected.

"Here's what you should do," Director C. said, definitively. "You should work here full-time for six months, get to know the people here. And you can get a job that way."

"We get a lot of people here," F agrees.

"I saw the names of some agents on the emergency information cards," I mention. I do not mention that I think one of them might not have gotten filed into its proper class, and that another might have gotten lost behind a desk, never to be seen again.

"Oh, yes, lots of agents, lots of people," E. says. "A person who works for WB, in programming, I think-"

"My daughter interviewed with him, and they offered her the job but she'd already gotten that mailroom job at CAA." C. laughs. "People tell me, you only started working here for your daughter!"

E muses. "There's one of the writers for The Simpsons and King of the Hill. Or maybe one who writes for The Simpsons and one who writes for King of the Hill. I forget."

"David Mamet used to send his kids here," F says.

"I didn't know David Mamet was Jewish," I say, which is true, because I'm not terribly bright.

"Oh yes. Very observant."

R. asks if his wife is Jewish. C: "Rebecca Pidgeon?" F: "Well, if she isn't, she definitely converted."

I told them I'd think about it, to get out of the conversation. I'm not going to do it. I took too many calls from parents today, and even if they're well-connected, it's not worth the pain. Parents are just EVIL. Taking calls from parents about their toddler's education is like working customer service at a video store, if all of the customers are relying on DVD rentals to perpetuate the family line and provide for them in their old age. They do not handle the words "No" or "I don't know" particularly well.

So, to change the subject, I talked about how I'd spent the night previous watching the taping of Skating with Celebrities.

But I'll talk about that a little later. Hopefully not next week. But later. It's 10 PM, and I still have emails to write and story ideas to generate and running to do and PHP to learn and photos to sort through. Maybe some sleep, later. I crashed early last night. Skating with Celebrities will wear you out.

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