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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ramble, ramble, ramble

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that the key to writing is to find a style that is uniquely yours. And if this style manages not to piss off other people too much, then you've found the key to writing successfully.

Things are good with me. Busy. Many projects. SMRT-TV is getting revved up again (Season 2 on Sept. 19th!), I'm devoting as much thought power as possible to screenplay revision, and the play that is about the Apocalypse is starting to take shape as I do more research, think more about what it means to end the world. I am not doing as much work as I want to be doing. I am woefully behind on all media consumption. But I'm as content as I'm likely to get, for right now. And I'm writing every day. I'm writing something, at least. Sometimes, I write emails, and call that a day. But they're GOOD emails. Yes.

I wrote a short story on Tuesday, mostly on the bus. The bus is a fascinating place, if you've never used it in LA. I think all writers should take the bus as often as possible. Just to look and listen. Oh, and to get where they're going without having to pay for gas. That's a big plus. I don't know if the short story is any good. But man, it was fun.

I start temping tomorrow, at a Jewish elementary school. Admin work, 8:30 to 2. Should at least be interesting, though it involves dressing like a grown-up. Which is just flat-out dumb.

Time for me to do what I've done every night so far this week -- fall asleep watching this one episode of Prison Break. But if you want to see what I can write in a very short time frame, and you're in LA this weekend, I'm writing one of the Day Players sketches at the ACME Comedy Theater. You should come. It'll be a good time. You won't be at all creepy. Trust me.

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