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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Abs. Pants. Abs in my Pants.

So I have an hour and a half left at this cafe before I should leave; there's an ab class at the gym I want to go to tonight and my abs are somewhat gelatinous. I've lost a little weight over the past few weeks, and I feel good and healthy and all that, but the abs, man! They just don't know what's good for 'em. Of course, perhaps my abs are all about Manifest Destiny and spreading out to conquer as much territory as possible. But my abs need to attain a more enlightened viewpoint. My abs need to learn to coexist with smooth flat muscle. My abs need to embrace karma.

My abs are not prone to listening to reason, however. Stupid abs. This is what blind patriotism gets you. I bet my abs vote Republican. That would be fitting.

That's a word that just keeps getting funnier, the more you type it. Like pants. Pants. Abs. Abs in my pants. Pants.

I'm trying to finish a first draft of the wacky space screenplay, and I've set myself a goal of Friday. Friday is an excellent goal, because that means I can go to Vegas on Saturday free as a bird, unencumbered but for those eight other writing projects I have going. But man, I'm so unenthused about finishing this screenplay! Even though I just reread a large chunk and while sections are clearly in Shitty First Draft form, this is one of the more fun things I've written. I certainly enjoy the hell out of it, despite the many many flaws. For one thing, my poor third act! It's so derivative of Serenity! Despite the fact that it was outlined back in dear ol' June!

I like to see this as a sign that Joss Whedon, despite being paid millions and millions of dollars for his screenplays, is really no better than the rest of us. Despite, of course, his being better than the rest of us.

I've had a pretty big cup of coffee this afternoon. Can you tell?

But it's okay, really. The bad guys will surprise our girl now, and she'll have a big teenager spat with their leader, and then get abandoned on the moon. But don't worry! She'll figure out a way to escape the moon!

Tomorrow, that is. I think tomorrow, she'll escape the moon and triumph over her foes. For today, we'll just stick with abandonment. Today is a fine time to be trapped on a moon.

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