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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Comics! TV! Nerd!

It feels like forever since I've been excited about a comic, but man oh man am I excited for Loveless, this Brian Azzarello thingamajiggy. I'm not a huge fan of 100 Bullets, but this sounds like a really cool take on the Western genre. And the more I think about Westerns, the more I like 'em.

Didn't watch Veronica Mars last night due to baseball, but man, that was a great premiere and I'm very excited about this upcoming season. And, in other TV news: I've been underwhelmed by the show since the first Locke kidney episode, which is why I'm surprised by how much I loved last night's Lost. The flashbacks (again, with Locke's kidney!) were kind of forgettable, but there was the introduction of The Hanso Foundation, wacky filmstrip fun, Michelle Rodriguez giving Sawyer some Girlfight (I'm that girl who doesn't like Sawyer very much)... Great stuff that advanced the plot, added new mysteries as it solved old ones.

Lost is doing crazy things to the way we do sci-fi on TV. Grounding the genre elements with a smack of reality totally changes the way we perceive the world and the characters -- the line-straddling really gives the whole situation a deeper meaning. Not having a box to put the show in puts the viewer right in there with the characters, wondering what the hell is going on. It's much more claustrophobic. Much more intense. And it's completely turned me off shows like Invasion and Threshold, which try to do the same thing but aren't produced by JJ Abrams. Maybe's it's because those shows are just balls-out alien invasion stories. And knowing even that much just gets rid of the fun.

In our last bit of nerd commentary, if you get DirecTV, and you get Current (Al Gore's network), look out for a sweet little doc about Comic-Con called Nerds in Paradise. Produced by some friends, and starring some other friends. And I pontificate about nerd culture some. Though not as much as Jeff does. I'm not a HAM.

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