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Monday, November 21, 2005

Quality Filmmaking

My Mayday team, the Eros Battalion, managed a fine showing on Saturday, winning for Best Line and Best Interpretation of Title. I have a copy of Final Draft 7 now! Good times. And the other films were really great -- some quality work by some talented folks.

Harry Potter? Good stuff. Could have been more emotionally stirring, but they certainly did manage to tell that story in two and a half hours, and I had no real hope of them ever managing that. So, impressive. Ralph Fiennes wins the creepy Olympics, yet again.

And hey, you aspiring short film-writers out there, check it out:

I am an independent producer seeking an excellent dramatic short script with some very specifc parameters. Here are the specifications required:

-It must be 7-12 pages
-Only dramatic pieces (no comedy)
-A finished piece (no works in progress)
-The script must focus on a romantic relationship between an attractive couple in their mid to late twenties
-Female character must be a beautiful woman
-Male character should be a role that a young Andy Garcia or Alec Baldwin could realistically play when they were that age
-The male character should be a cool guy in control, and have a profession of someone who lives a dangerous or exciting life (cop, drug dealer, lawyer, gangster).

Please email the script (PDF or a word document) along with a resume of your writing experience and training. If I select your script, it will be fully produced in Los Angeles and submitted to festivals throughout the world. However, there is no pay at this time. If you went to NYU, Columbia, USC, UCLA, or AFI it is a plus, but all submission will be taken into consideration. All submissions must be in screenplay format or will be disregarded. It will also be seen by some top hollywood producers, as this project was assigned to me by a very famous producer in Hollywood.

Ah, Craigslist. So inspirational. So very connected.

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