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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A typical day

So what am I up to all day long, without the Man getting me down? Well, it varies, due to freelancing being awesome. But today was fairly representative. So, for you readers, I present this accurate time-line!

8:30 AM: Wake up to something horribly cheesy playing. Wonder which of neighbors has such horrible taste in music.
8:31 AM: Remember that I use iPod as an alarm clock.
8:32 AM: Stumble into "the office" (my desk chair). Check email.
8:40 AM: Get massive bowl of Special K. Consume while reading message boards, websites, and columns.
9:30 AM: Nearly finished with those message boards!
9:35 AM: Oh, crap, somebody responded to that post!
9:38 AM: Hah. That'll show 'em.
9:45 AM: Maybe it's time to write those three pieces of coverage I need to write before you go to lunch. Given that it's six pages of writing I haven't started yet.
9:46 AM: Oooh, TWoP!
10:05 AM: Seriously, dude.
10:10 AM: Go onto balcony with water, cell phone, headphones, books, extra pair of socks, laptop.
10:15 AM: Start writing coverage.
10:20 AM: Phone rings! Friend returning call. Have conversation regarding "what I'm up to these days" and "why I have no money." Make coffee while doing so.
10:35 AM: Hang up. Continue writing coverage. Try to ignore melting asphalt smell from next door.
10:50 AM: Quick email break.
11:15 AM: Resume writing coverage.
11:30 AM: First piece of coverage done! Have to leave for lunch in an hour. Still wearing pajamas. Crap.
11:31 AM: Bust a move on second piece of coverage.
11:55 AM: Boom-shaka! Third piece of coverage. Thank god for easy-to-summarize children's literature.
12:31 PM: Coverage mailed off! Time to go to lunch!
12:33 PM: Where in Santa Monica? Oh fuck.
1:07 PM: Arrive at sushi place. Friend is gracious.
1:10 PM: "So, what are you up to these days, Liz?"
1:57 PM: Delicious sushi. Agree to do website for her friend. Talk about projects and ideas and writing. Remember at least two projects that have been completely forgotten in lieu of other projects. Am beginning to consider notion that there is a critical mass within my brain of how many projects I can track at one time.
2:30 PM: Home from Santa Monica. Realize that I need a new batch of books to cover for Unnamed Boutique Production Company. Call friend from college/supplier of books. Agree to come by later that evening.
2:45 PM: Craigslist! Send out five resumes. Consider sending photo to "Get paid to lose weight!" ad. They want to help me lose that last five to ten pounds. I want to let them. All I have to do is work out with a personal trainer five days a week. That doesn't sound at all like hell.
3:30 PM: "Short reading break" becomes "read a full section of Gig."
4:30 PM: Back on balcony, start writing TV show proposal. IM Dad for names of 70s cocktails. Read interviews with Pam Grier, then decide not to use Pam Grier at all.
5:30 PM: Go to pick up books. Gossip about friends from college, and wonder who will be the first to be famous/rich/successful/married to someone famous/rich/successful.
6:00 PM: Drive home listening to NPR cover the Dems' new balls and $7.2 billion in bird flu money. A good day for news.
6:30 PM: Work on proposal some more.
7:00 PM: Put on workout clothes. Jog to gym.
7:30 PM: Arrive just in time for hip-hop class.
8:00 PM: Bail out of hip-hop class, feeling less than hip-hoppy. Do weights and abs before jogging home.
8:35 PM: Start performing boil-pasta/shower-and-dry-hair multitasking.
8:50 PM: Roomie 2.0 knocks on my door to let me know that my pasta pot is about to combust.
9:00 PM: TV! My Name is Earl and The Office. Live! With commercials and everything!
10:00 PM: Continue working on proposal. Finish character descriptions. Feel pleased and empowered.
10:30 PM: Email catch-up.
11:00 PM: "I'll write a blog entry about my day, how fucking long could that take?"
11:41 PM: Post blog entry.
11:46 PM: Watch TiVo-ed Bones while either painting nails or editing photos.
12:30 PM: Start reading new book for coverage.
12:32 PM: Sleep.

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