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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 in Review

There have been a lot of end-of-year survey things recently, but structure is for suckers. I'm just going to ramble and see what happens.

I want to say that this is one of the better years I've had, though, really, every year that takes me further from junior high school is the best year of my life.

I wrote. I wrote more than I really realize. One brand-new feature script, two pretty extensive feature rewrites, an Office spec, incalculable reviews and essays, a short script that I want to direct in the spring, a story bible for a Hit Animated Series, and at least two new short stories. I started a webzine, and the experience has exceeded every expectation I might have had. And I did amazing things in 24 hour chunks: I helped make two fine short films, and got to work with some of the smartest and funniest people in my acquaintance. And I also wrote a sketch in 24 hours that I'm proud of, and that played really well.

I finished up with my old job and then I moved onto a freelance/temping lifestyle that's slowly evolving into something livable. I love having the freedom to move on from jobs, to meet new people and try new things regularly. I feel freer. And being able to focus on the work that matters to me is a benefit almost as awesome as health insurance. Though I hear great things about health insurance.

I fell out of love with my dialogue heroes, and it hurt to realize that, watching Serenity for the first time and knowing that I didn't want to be Joss Whedon anymore, actively rejecting the idea of glib. But then I wrote my little short film script and I found a style that feels like me. No longer a pale imitation, but the sum of many influences. This was the year that I saw actors say words I wrote, more than once, and I can't even describe how much better my writing is as a result. I wrote an one-act play that ran for six weeks, and I made myself sit through every performance I could and I learned something new each time. And I learned something about theater. I learned that I love it. I spent less time with comics this year, though, and I missed them.

And I traveled the nation. Walked through the Soothing Gardens. Gave out a fake number to two different dudes in one Dallas night. I saw several Elvii in Graceland and Dave Chappelle in Ohio. Hiked through the Yellow Springs nature preserve. Saw two plays: one with horses and explosions and flame arrows and one with Liev Schreiber and Alan Alda. Spent two nights in a penthouse and ate a piece of pizza on the roof and drank free sangria at a Soho bar. Ate Dunkin Donuts while watching a girl's softball game. Went to the Strand. Saw a half-dozen friends on their home turf, and made a few new ones. Used a seminary's library to research the Apocalypse and my host's library to read the entirity of Transmetropolitan. Georgia O'Keefe and pale ale in Chicago. Pouring rain in Texas and blue skies in New York. I seemed to see nothing but setting suns.

On my birthday, we whacked a pinata and played freeze tag. In San Diego, we got Little Jeffy's number. I went to two weddings and no funerals. I spent a day in the ICU with my grandmother. I did a full wheel in yoga. I danced with Jon Cryer. I won at poker. I also lost at poker. I read ten thousand books and got paid for some of them. I saw about as many movies, and paid dearly. I learned so much and gained so much and lost so much. And felt happier for it.

I sat under my mother's afghan on a cold New Year's Eve and listened to Dido while the rain came down.

I did not get a lot of sleep.

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