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Friday, December 02, 2005

Big laughs behind a big desk

Last minute temp gig today, sadly on a day with a too-massive to-do list. But money is good. Yes. Especially since temps/freelance readers can have as many days off as they want for Christmas - they just won't get paid for said days. Plus, I don't know how many different kinds of presents I can make for my family out of recycled newspaper. So any job is good job.

It's worth mentioning that Skating With Celebrities, the cheesy Dancing With the Stars rip-off that has many an Arrested Development fan rending their garments and rubbing their faces in ash, finally has a time slot (AD's, in fact). This is amusing to me because when Emily and I saw tbe first episode taped live, we sat in THE VERY FRONT ROW, which means that there is no way we aren't on camera for large chunks of time.

(Given that I looked like crap that day, this will be part-amusement/part-anguish to watch. Much like Skating With Celebrities in general.)

But despite having a fond place in my heart for this trash, I did giggle discreetly at Adam's suggestion for a future spin-off. Only a matter of time, man. Only a matter of time.

New SMRT-TV next Monday! Exciting stuff. I love how I've managed to arrange life so that the new issue is due after an incredibly busy sleep-deprived weekend. It's a gift, at this point. Should be a fun weekend, though. (Provided I manage not to DIE.)

I'm sorry I haven't been more content-oriented of late. Rambling here for a few minutes usually gets my head back on straight, is the thing, and it's a thing I've been taking too much advantage of lately.

So. Let's be talky. What the hell is up with that alternate Veronica Mars ending? Shit be crazy, yo!

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