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Thursday, January 19, 2006


How hot is Gloria Steinem? She's Christian Bale's STEP-MOM. I'm sure I had that fact in the back of my brain somewhere, but the internet has reminded me. Sweet, blessed internet.

I have been significantly less bored at work today and yesterday. Mainly because I've stopped being so lazy and gotten back on top of a couple of projects. No writing, in general, makes Liz a dull, dull broad. Dull, dull, dull.

However, I did see Crash (not the wound-sex one, the racism one). And that movie is the opposite of dull. And by opposite of dull, I mean BULLSHIT.

The danger of having a blog that some of your friends read is that you end up repeating all your jokes. Which I'm sure is annoying for said friends. But whatever, I'm going to say it again: I did like the parts of Crash that didn't address racism in an incredibly heavy-handed and over-the-top fashion.

Those five minutes were really great.

The rest of it, bullshit. I mean, Oprah's a woman, right? How is Oprah okay with this movie? Why is Oprah not MORTALLY OFFENDED by some of the crap that happens? I refer, specifically, to this particular scene:

A Climatic Scene from Crash In Minature Play Form (containing some delightful SPOILERS)
Matt Dillon: I'm so racist and evil! I'm going to SEXUALLY ASSAULT Thandie Newton on the side of the road just because I can!
Thandie: Hey, but that's okay, because you'll pull me out of a completely randomly flipped-over burning car later!
Matt Dillon: You're right! It totally doesn't matter that I SEXUALLY ASSAULTED YOU on the side of the road in front of your husband!
Thandie: I mean, you're a cop, and it's your job to pull people from burning cars and save lives, but hey, the fact that it's YOU saving my life, when you'd much rather be raping me, is totally heroic and noble! Clench me to your chest! Make it all better!
Matt Dillon: I will, and you know why? Because my dad was totally nice to black people once, and he got dicked over, so that makes it okay for me to hate black people and thus engage in sick sexual assault power trips during traffic stops. Saving your life totally excuses the fact that I forcibly penetrated your vagina with my fingers against your will!
Thandie: Everything's connected! Except, of course, for this totally bizarre and unconnected car crash!
Matt Dillon: Why must man be so cruel?!
Thandie: Beats me! But as long as he pulls you from a burning car later, it doesn't count!
Matt Dillon: I'm totally not copping a feel this time, Thandie! I promise!
Thandie: Thanks, Matt Dillon the Racist Rapist! Thanks so much!

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