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Friday, January 06, 2006

Star Trek, Mi Amour

Yesterday I stayed home from work and watched TV. This is not to be confused with Monday or Tuesday of this week, because yesterday I watched all the Star Trek Spike had to offer. And man, it'd been a while since I watched 80s/90s vintage Trek.

Not the high level of analysis you're used to, I'm sure, but given that most of my critical faculties, over the past few days, have been reduced to "Why is she being so mean?" or "Oh, he's so nice" this entry is pretty impressive.

You know what? Pulaski's gotten a bum rap. I mean, I know she's not Dr. McMILF, and I do so enjoy that episode of TNG where Crusher gets sucked into the alternate universe where everyone keeps vanishing (mainly for the line: "If something's not wrong with me, then something is wrong with the universe"). But Pulaski was cool. I saw that episode where she wanted to save the Khan babies who were making everyone sick, and she totally stands up to Picard whole bunches, and then he gets pissy with her, but when they cure the Khan baby illness with transporter magic the two of them totally hug! It's really sweet. I find it interesting that early TNG really tried to have some characters that challenged gender assumptions, then ultimately reverted back to women in caretaker/nurturer roles, despite later season attempts to give Troi cajones and a real uniform. \'Cause back in Season 2, Pulaski was kind of neat.

Klingons are awesome. AWESOME. Mainly because they seem to be the only people on TNG who think about having sex regularly. Yesterday was that episode with the officer exchange program, and Riker totally got hit on by the two Klingon chicks! I also saw that DS9 episode "House of Quark" and it was crazy, how much I was really enjoying Quark, given that I tend to reject the character as somewhat overdone, and I think it was because he wasn't acting like an idiot and was instead being all bad-ass. Because hanging with the Klingons makes you more bad-ass. It's a rule.

While watching Syriana, I was so delighted to be enjoying some fine work on Alexander Siddig's part, but what was crazy was remembering a) how, um, "green" he was in the earlier seasons of DS9, b) how much he improved and c) how hot he was the whole time. (I mean, he's a pretty pretty man. His child with Nana Visitor will be one of the next generation's uberbabies.) The DS9 on yesterday was third season I think (no Worf, plenty of Defiant) and he was thus pretty good. Also, how weird are the Trill as a race? Super-weird, when you really think about it. That episode where Dax confronts her past as a homicidal maniac/pianist was full of strange symbolism and hallucinations that you don't normally find in mainstream sci-fi...

...unless you're watching Battlestar Galactica.

In conclusion: Ronald D. Moore! Invented the Klingon backstory! Helped make DS9 a serialized powerhouse! There's new BSG tonight!

Oh, he's so nice.

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