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Monday, January 23, 2006

This week: Obscure Celebrity Crushes Countdown!

Anyone who's had the misfortune of, well, knowing me has probably watched me scan the supporting cast listings of any feature film and say, "Oh, it's [that guy]! I love [that guy]! He was great in [some movie or TV show that only I watched and loved]!" That guy is probably not talented in any real way. That guy probably just happened to be very pretty in something genre. Yet there is a listing in my mind for him and his credits. It's like a disease.

So this week, I thought I'd pay tribute to my absolute favorites, the B and C-listers, the Star Trek guest stars, the pan-flashes who never went on to succeed. Maybe you've heard of these actors. Maybe you missed them entirely. And maybe you're better off for it.

But I sure do love 'em. And maybe you do too.

Obscure Celebrity Crush #5: Michael Weatherly
When it comes to obscure celebrity crushes, you learn to pinpoint certain behavior that puts you borderline on the edge of weird. Did you at one time have a printout of his charmingly-bespeckled face taped to your dorm room wall? Did you have a TiVo wishlist searching for his name for close to a year (sure, you did it to keep an eye out for reruns of his minor sci-fi hit -- surrrrrre)? Have you watched more than one episode of his incredibly lame crime procedural?

Michael Weatherly is not a particularly good actor. He has never done anything particularly of note. He just co-starred on Dark Angel and played a few bit parts in a few feature films before moving on to solve crime on a JAG spin-off.

But man. That man can rock the scruff HARD. For that, and for the glasses, and for the fact that I really have seen at least an episode and a half of NCIS (and no, not for Mark Harmon), he makes the top 5.

Come back tomorrow to see who's #4 on the list. Will he be talented? Will he be traditionally asthetically pleasing? Will he have a British accent? I ain't saying.

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