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Friday, February 03, 2006

Some bullet points about BATTLESTAR
  • (Beware the mighty spoiler. It lurks below.)
  • First things first: the show is awesome. I haven't said that recently, and it bears mentioning on a regular basis. Awesome.
  • After all, everyone was like, "It's going to be so sad when Roslin dies, and she'd leave a gaping hole in the cast were she to go, but it'll be bullshit if they just whip out some miracle cure, and since they can't back down from the whole terminal cancer thing I guess she's just going to have to be a Cylon." And then they whipped out a miracle cure and they fixed her cancer, but it WORKED: a bit suspect science-wise, but it was a weird dark solution that might just totally backfire and ruin everything. Like all the other decisions made on this show!
  • I liked the Pegasus arc quite a bit, but I am glad that we've shifted back into more stand-alone episodes that will ultimately lead to an ass-kicker of a finale. Both this show and Veronica Mars have finished their mid-season subplots, and now that we can refocus on things that aren't Duncan's baby or Cain's shanghai-ing, I think we'll really regain some momentum on both shows.
  • However. Last week, I didn't watch "Black Market" live, and thus everyone I know saw the episode before I did. And the people spoke: "Worst episode ever." And the Liz spoke: "You guys said that about 'Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down', and I find that episode to be delightful in a silly way." And the people spoke: "Really, Liz, it's awful." And the Liz spake: "But it's BATTLESTAR! Battlestar is NEVER that bad!"
  • And then the Liz shouted a bit at people who did not deserve said shouting. And then the Liz watched the episode, and made a mental note to apologize to them.
  • I did like that it potentially/hopefully ends some threads that I wasn't enjoying, like "OMG! APOLLO AND DEE, SITTIN' IN A TREE..." and "OMG! APOLLO AND NIHILISM, SITTIN' IN A TREE..." The 'Cylon sympathizers' are adorably ridiculous. And Roslin promising to hunt them down if they blew up anything else made me super-happy. I mean, it's Roslin. She'll space your ass.
  • Apollo may be pretty, Dee, but you made the right choice. The best thing to come out of these last two episodes was Billy not losing the two big ladies of his life. I love Billy. I was dreading the idea of Billy in pain. And thus, Battlestar hath spared me and Billy both.
  • Billy is thus a Cylon.
  • I'm writing all this before tonight's episode, which promises hardcore Viper pilot action and Starbuck Starbuck STARBUCK. I can't think of a way in which this episode will fail (unless, of course, Starbuck fails to punch and/or frack anyone, but that's not a likely outcome). And I need this episode to succeed. Two weeks without Starbuck in the A-story, and I am jonesing.
  • It would also be nice to get this taste out of my mouth. What is this flavor? Oh, yeah. Sulky Apollo. Yeah, it's just bad.
  • But. Battlestar Galactica. Still the best show on television.
  • Right now, at least.

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