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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sympathy pains

Just as I start getting more fit, more excited about running and working out and pushing the limits of my body, one of my quads wakes up on the wrong side of the femur. Too damn similar to last year's softball injury. Annoying as all hell. I was pretty gimpy yesterday, and today there's real improvement and thus I'm going to try running again. I expect disaster will result. The funny thing is that the injury makes me gimp around just like House! He's such a delightful crank. I should really get me a cane. Oh, and minions.

Up late last night, organizing and writing and working; yesterday was kind of a mess of things to be done. Making up for the weekend, I suppose, which was pretty lazy in terms of productivity but utterly lovely in terms of things that actually happened. The reading on Friday went really well, family time on Saturday was extremely pleasant, and I totally got to see Tristam Shandy on Sunday. Good times, good times.

Sit On My Butt And Read Day was lovely. I'm now nearly done with Fast Food Nation, reinvested in People's History of the United States, caught up with all the events leading up to DC's Infinite Crisis, and ::sigh:: halfway through the first Left Behind book.

I have a ticket for a jetplane to New York, departing April 30th and returning May 5th. I can barely afford it and I probably shouldn't be taking the time off. But damn it. Some things are worth the debt. And if I'm going to choke to death in this cubicle for days upon days? I'm going to spend my time planning my jailbreak.

Much like Michael Scofield. God bless him.

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