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Friday, February 24, 2006

Where a kid can be a Kid

Last night, I went to the Burbank Toys R Us to buy supplies for this short film I'm shooting this weekend. It wasn't a prime toy-buying time, I suppose, and thus the stock-people kept walking up to me and asking if I needed any help. Figuring, I suppose, that a young woman lacking any clear sign of motherhood didn't know quite what she was looking for.

Fortunately, I did. "Please direct me to your clearance and knock-off-brand doll merchandise," I said. They did as requested. I now have doll furniture and a Barbie jeep and a truly terrifying baby doll who's supposed to be a little chubby, but baby fat has given the kid an expression of Satanic colic. The baby looks pissed, is what I'm saying, and I haven't even detached its head and glued it onto a tiny fetus body yet. Man, this is going to be a weird weekend.

Anyways, I was being all productive, spending real money on props (though you'd better believe I asked three times about the return policy). But somehow, I managed to find time to check every single action figure in the Justice League section for Hawkgirl toys. I didn't end up buying one, though -- not because there was no money in my sad little anti-budget, not because I had no way of justifying its use in the short, but because the only one I found didn't come with a Thanagarian whacking stick.

(Hawkgirl's whacking stick? It's AWESOME. Nearly all of her problems on Justice League are solved by whacking stuff with it. She even used it as a defibrillator when Green Lantern's heart stopped as a result of that bomb explosion. She whacking-stick-ed him back to life! Justice League is so great.)

After Toys-R-Us, I saw one of those really cool things that doesn't happen too long -- the reunited Kids in the Hall's first live performance in four years. They did a straight-up sketch show with some really funny and inspired bits, some vaguely run-of-the-mill routines, and some potentially hilarious sketches completely distorted by the fact that those fellows were RUSTY, and were having trouble with remembering their lines. But even when they were completely blowing a sketch, they did so in a charming and hilarious fashion. Those guys are FUNNY. And funny people can get away with a lot.

And then we got drinks at the White Horse, and then I dropped people off, and then Paul wanted to get something to eat so we went to Toi and got take-out, and then we came back to the apartment and I drew storyboards. I think I can make this fetus thing work. Just maybe.

Wow, it's almost 3 PM! Weird. I still have writing to do before I can read last week's Project Runway recap and go home. But then it'll be the weekend!

During which I will work twice as hard as I have all week!

It's not a bad way to live, I suppose.

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