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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Six items that will not interest you in the slightest
  1. I am somewhat tired, in part because I didn't get to sleep until around 2 AM, and in part because I watched some X-Files before sleeping and man, that show? That show was occasionally not what we humans would call quality. I was trying to watch this one scene with Mulder and Scully and a hospital bed (quick! guess the episode!), and maybe I was tired but there was about two minutes there when I was pretty sure that Scully wasn't speaking English. Maybe all the words were English, but they weren't arranged in any sort of pattern that resembled language. Dialogue!
  2. But, despite this, I dreamed about solving crime with Mulder and Scully all night. It doesn't make for restful dreams. And I've checked every dream interpretation site out there, and no one has a listing for "solving crime with adolescent icons." Alas.
  3. Random fact: It takes the average person 7 minutes to fall asleep. No telling if it's true. But certainly interesting. And here. Enjoy more random facts, why don't you.
  4. I will eat salt-and-vinegar chips, but I don't think I will EVER like them. I honestly can't imagine who could. And yet, my department just bought a big case of them. They also bought Diet Coke, which I will consume with glee on a normal day. But it's very cold in this office, and I seem to be sticking to water today.
  5. People have asked me what the deal is with Coca-Cola Zero -- not a lot of people, but enough. And fortunately, I at last have an answer! CCZ is Diet Coke for people who hate the taste of Diet Coke a little more than they hate calories. CCZ is the ultimate in science. But Coke knows better than to take away our scientifically/flavorly-inferior ambrosia. It knows better than to fuck with us addicts. Thus, CCZ and Diet Coke co-exist. For now, at least. May my parents never live to see a day without Diet Coke, though. The shock would kill them.
  6. Time to go home. Maybe I'll grab a DC for the road. I am somewhat tired.

Full circle and goodnight!

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