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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Tired and cranky and discombobulated today. Coming off a truly stupid (and totally my own fault) bit of food poisoning, and I'd like that to be the sole cause of this mood, but it's more a general dissatisfaction, which never fails to frustrate. Does that make any sense? The answer could be no. I'm getting progressively dumber by the day.

I'm just venting a bit. I have no idea why it helps to do this online, but hey, any visitors to this blog have probably been coming by for a while. They know what to expect. They know, in essence, me. And me happens to occasionally be a bit of a whiner.

Here. I'll talk about things of (relative) substance. Yesterday, I watched a new West Wing for the first time in years, and it was WEIRD. I've kept abreast of show developments, in that peanut-gallery-not-actually-watching way, and so I knew that Every Actor In The Entire World worked on that show, but getting slapped across the face every five seconds with yet another guest star was more than a little daunting. Such a strange evolution, that show has gone through. The fact that it's come to encompass all points of view since the departure of the Sorkin singularity is such an artificial shift but occasionally a welcome one -- it's much less cooped up, much less dogmatic. As a result, though, I don't feel like the show is saying anything anymore. It's not a fair trade-off.

(However, gotta love the newfound plethora of strong female characters. Sure, the majority are blond and skinny, but at least they're not all secretaries.)

I freely admit that the only reason I TiVoed "The Cold"'s Bravo rebroadcast was because I heard that Josh and Donna would be making out, which they did, and it was a-fucking-dorable, a long time coming and perfectly timed. And the way it was played, open-ended and awkward, was enough to keep me interested in watching more, if only for academic purposes. (I'm planning on writing a nice long SMRT-TV piece on the Will They/Won't They/Should They? debate that plagues our nation.) Besides, it doesn't interfere with anything important. Like Prison Break. Six days until that show returns.

Dumber by the day. At least I recognize it.

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