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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A bunch of things that are not true, but if it makes you feel better to think that they are, then you go right the hell ahead.

Everything's great! Really!

I am getting a year older in a week and a half, and I'm handling this well! There is absolutely no freak-out over ever-encroaching mortality or depression over wasting my days with stupid day jobs and bad television! I'm going to be a quarter of a century old! I'm officially no longer a young woman! That's awesome!

Writing is great! I have lots of time for it and the work I'm producing is smooth and solid. There are perfectly good reasons for why I'm behind on other things, and, professionally, there are tons of opportunities available to me right now. I'm just days away from making it big!

I'm reading so much right now! So many books! I devour knowledge with every breath. True enlightenment is only days away. I seriously cannot keep up! I need more books! More books, please!

I'm totally ready for this 5k that I'm supposed to run in less than a month! I am able to run 5k without feeling the cold hand of Death gripping my heart and lungs! This is because I haven't slacked off at all, and have been eating and sleeping well enough to keep up with an intensive training schedule! Yes!

My love life! Man oh man, I just can't keep the fellows away! Seriously, boys, calm yourselves! And no more expensive presents! My love is not for sale.

Like I said: Everything is great! Which is why it's pretty lucky, how I don't feel at all ridiculous complaining about what is, in theory, a pretty good life.

Because here are some things that are true: I have my health, a small smidgen of talent, my family, my friends, and a tiny little tax return coming my way, bringing with it all the unexpected joy of an agnostic's Christmas miracle. If I can't find happiness with any of these things, then with what?

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