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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I am not watching enough television!

Believe me, it's true. I'm so behind. By 9 PM tonight I'll have:

  • Half of this week's Heroes
  • Studio 60
  • Two hours of Jericho
  • Veronica Mars
  • Torchwood
  • And the various bits of TiNo'ed flotsam and jetsum that pile up. (Oh, Standoff, even dating one of your PAs doesn't make you compelling.)

All of this is television I can pretty much live without, but keep up with out of academic interest. Like Jericho, the little apocalypse show that really, really couldn't. As soon as The Only Black Man in Kansas reveals all his secrets, Jericho and I will have to reevaluate, but of course this just means that TOBMIK will keep on with his infuriating innuendo ways. Damn him and his mysteries! Damn him!

A Herculean effort on Sunday brought me up to date with BSG, which is just so solid a show, I can't even handle it. And I'm excited about The Office, like any right-minded person. But these are the only shows that are really satisfying right now; as I said last week, everything else is watched with reservations. I've posited the notion that Heroes and Studio 60 are the perfect team-up, because one of them has an extremely engaging and complex plot, but terrible writing, and the other has great writing, but nothing interesting going on upstairs. Not that I think that Sorkin writing Heroes is the solution to the problem. It's just rare to see such an elegant example of ying and yang in network scheduling.

I am looking forward to watching Mars tonight, but this season has been so uneven that I have some concerns. I don't know if I've heard whether it's gotten picked up for the full season, though I recall the ratings being pretty solid. Anyone know?

Wow, hey, rambling about television! It's like I'm a real blogger again! Well, baby steps.

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