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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yeah, let's talk about HEROES some more

If you'd told me back in September that my favorite new series of the fall season would be a silly little show about superheroes, I probably wouldn't have believed you. But that was when Heroes was only one or two episodes in, roughly plotted, its future uncertain. That was when I hadn't believed that the plan would really go somewhere. Oh, those more cynical days of mine. How long ago they seem.

I've officially stopped ironically liking Heroes and started unironically liking Heroes, which is a big step for me to take, especially regarding a show that features TWO EPISODES of a character staring at a computer prompt asking him "Are You Sure You Wish To Quit?" TWO EPISODES of that, friends. But I find it easy to forgive the ones I love. (Though it helps that every single misstep this show takes is directly related to the character of Mohinder, and can be dismissed accordingly. Oh, Mohinder. You are pretty, but not pretty enough to save your scenes.)

Everyone talks about how much they love Hiro (it is, I've noticed, how all new conversations about Heroes begin; the husky-voiced declaration of adoration), but what I'm impressed by is how much I like everyone involved, from Daddy Shadowcat to Brother Flyingpants. A show with likable characters! Even the morally ambiguous ones are somewhat likable! I've especially gotten more fond of Peter Petrelli than I thought I would. I think it's the fact that he's so committed to this cause. It's nice to watch a show about people who believe in what they're doing. Even when they're not quite sure what that is.

And the show seems committed to giving characters arcs, too. Take Pixie Tellyouwhat, a minor supporting character who starts off totally morally bankrupt because of her power and ends up becoming, though her work tracking down heroes and learning more about them, a real stand-up gal. I didn't QUITE realize why she did what she did during the end of last night's episode, until after reading the TWOP recap. But then, wow. THAT is cool. That's a character arc! May they all be so lucky. (Okay, maybe not LUCKY... But you know what I mean.)

I seem to talk about this show in exclamation points and capital letters. But I suppose that was inevitable, as it's managed to get me excited about superheroes again -- something I didn't think was possible. I've missed superheroes, though. I like superheroes. Especially the infinite possibilities of powers. Upcoming, so go the rumors, is invisibility. Invisibility, to me, has never been particularly interesting, but Heroes has yet to let me down in a huge way (just little ways, most of which I choose to blame on Jeph Loeb). So all we have to do is wait for the next new episode, in just another...

Oh, damn.

Thus, I leave you with this extremely Christmas-y thought:

Hurry the fuck up, January!

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