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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Hmmm. Hmmkay.

I think it's safe to say that I'm on a bit of a blogging vacation. Nothing big, nothing permanent. But when you stop being a student -- something you've been your entire life -- and start getting on with the business of adulthood, there's something inside you that doesn't want to write funny entries about going to Tempe and buying a car and sleeping. Right away, at least.

Yes, gratuitous use of the 2nd person, naughty Liz. But I'm tired and there's work to do and then...

And then. Life.

I don't have to rush into anything and I don't have to make any big decisions. I just have to live. And I need to take some time and do that.

Maybe even get some sleep, along the way. The summer heat's coming, though. I never sleep well during it.

It was hot in Arizona, and it was hot today in CA.

Maybe I'll buy a fan.

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Friday, May 16, 2003

Time to grow up

Not that I'm not pretty grown-up already, but...

There's a shiny red car, parked downstairs where my beat-up minivan used to be. My car is shiny and red. It is my car. It is a Toyota Echo, and it has never been owned by anyone before ever.

I'm now the proud possessor of $9,000 in debt and a shiny red Toyota Echo.

You'd better believe there will be pictures soon.

And then there's this dress and shoes in my closet, hanging next to a long black robe. In six hours, I line up to walk across the stage of the Shrine Auditorium.

I graduate today.

If you weren't grown up already, speaketh the world, now's a good time to start.

It's just the end of the only constant in my life for the past seventeen years. Wake up, go to school. Now, it'll be wake up, go to one of three jobs. Now, it'll mean finding a job with some permanency and making car payments and, oh yeah, writing a screenplay.

But on my TV, it's "Graduation Day, Parts 1 and 2." Buffy doesn't end on the day, and neither does my life. This is just a change, a change of shoes and a new car and new things to look forward to.

Today, I graduate from USC.

Today, things change for good.

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Monday, May 12, 2003

So, right after Free Comic Book Day and Christmas, the most exciting time in a young Lizlet's life is upon us. That's right, it's UPFRONT WEEK!

Yes, behold the mayhem as six networks attempt to arrange their fall schedules into some sort of order. Be amazed by the painfully bad sitcom premises! Marvel at The Dramas That Will Not Die! Round and round your favorite shows go -- when they'll air, no one knows!

Tim Goodman's not dead, and I'm back to being the futon critic's bitch, and it's the best decision I've ever made. First up this week was NBC, and Ed and Boomtown are still kicking, despite graceful descents into occasional mediocrity. But don't worry -- NBC managed to ruin Coupling, a cute little British series that didn't do anything to anyone.

I mean, I like Rena Sofer, but COME ON: Susan (Emmy winner Rena Sofer, (“General Hospital,” NBC’s “Just Shoot Me,” “Ed”) is a beautiful and sexy go-getter with an uninhibited attitude who used to date Patrick (Colin Ferguson, “The Opposite of Sex”), the cocky, good-looking guy of the group. Sally (Sonya Walger, “The Mind of the Married Man”) is Susan’s attractive and unspeakably vain best friend and beauty therapist who is desperate for a man and now dates Patrick. Steve (Jay Harrington, “The Division”) wants to date Susan, but can’t seem to shake his clingy ex-girlfriend Jane (Lindsay Price, “Beverly Hills, 90210”) who is completely in love with Steve and refuses to be dumped by him. Jeff (Christopher Moynihan, “The Fighting Fitzgeralds”) is Steve’s “porn buddy,” who, unknown to his friends, is terrified of sex or the prospect of it. He works in the same office as Susan and had a forgettable fling with her.

It's nice to know that one can be beautiful without being sexy, and that being both beautiful AND sexy doesn't necessarily mean that you're a go-getter, too. But if you're all three -- well, then, ain't you lucky!

But really, it's ridiculous for me to pick on Coupling -- especially when Whoopi! is set to ruin so many careers at once. I can't even begin to comprehend how bad it's going to be. And I liked Sister Act!

Sitcoms suck. But Upfront Week is awesome! Tomorrow's the WB and ABC, and now that I know Angel's got a pick-up, I can relax and enjoy the mayhem.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Get thee behind me, Amazon

So at Happenin' Screenplay Competition job (otherwise known as Job #3) I keep agreeing to take more scripts than the normal weekly allotment. There are many reasons for this... Okay, there's one reason: I'm very, very greedy. I'm almost as greedy as I am cheap. And I'm pretty cheap.

However, not only am I greedy and cheap, but I also have an Amazon addiction. I usually keep it at bay with a purchase of something necessary every few months, but there's that godforsaken Super Saver Shipping that keeps tempting me. I've filled up my shopping cart almost a hundred times to exactly the point necessary to qualify me for free delivery -- the thought of how much I've almost spent at Amazon is pretty damn scary.

I can afford my Amazon kick due to the extra scripts, but there's something frightfully ironic about me reading extra in order to buy books. Ironic/wrong, that is.

But BOOKS. Delightful paperback hardback trade paperback books. With their pretty covers and pretty words...

Too bad I just preordered Harry Potter. Because I could definitely use a Bookslut shirt.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

One of the greatest ironies, I find, is that the more I have to say here, the less energy I have to say it with.

But that aside, here is an attempt at a real entry. While it may APPEAR to be after midnight on a day when I have to go into work early for a myriad of reasons, in truth it's Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining, and I'm picking up my Free Comic Book Day comics.

In short, life is perfect. Or so I'll keep pretending.

I find that there's not a lot for me to say about Coachella. I do want to write up parts of the experience, which was overall great -- subheadings of such an entry would include:

  • Palm Thai and the Hair in the Subway Sandwich
  • The Line of Death
  • Lizzie McGuire Will Eat Your Soul
  • Just Say Whatever
  • Ladytron: The Band That Wouldn't Die
  • I Wanna Be Blue, Man
  • How I Spent $20 On Bottled Water and Didn't Mind
  • The People You Meet at A Carl's Jr at 3 AM
  • Little While Friends
  • Electronic Bands That Play the Trombone
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Stars

Yeah, that'd be a cool entry. Maybe someday soon.

In other news, I had a ton of fun writing my Bookslut column this month. Check it out, and support the Bookslut. It needs love.

Very soon, I'll update my reading list, especially since I've finished Seabiscuit (which was great -- if the nifty-keen Gary Ross can pull it off, the movie's gonna kick some major ass), started a new book, and just ordered two from Amazon. Not to mention the volume of Sandman that found itself getting purchased during Free Comic Book day. It's amazing what a stack of freebies does to me, not to mention that with three more volumes (only sixty more dollars!), I'll be finished with the series! And then poor, poor Preacher will have my attention again.

Mom would maybe like Preacher -- the second trade paperback is oh-so-sappy. Well, except for the torture and bone-stomping and gunshots to the head and blood. But then the sap! Yeah.

I'm not talking about X-2 for a number of reasons, but primary among them is that I need to see it again before I know what I really think about it. I loved it on a fangirl level, and I liked a lot of bits on a filmmaker level. But damn those expectations. It was completely different from what I was expecting, and while I liked that... Need to see it again.

I'm starting to get worried about Matrix, primarily because I really don't want to have these high expectations, but here they are anyways. But I do have my ticket for the Mann Chinese, and I'm going to see the Animatrix at the American Cinematheque a few hours beforehand, and as long as I can keep avoiding the TV ads (which are starting to reveal way way more than what I want to know) I'll be okay.


Anyone got any advice for deflating the balloon of unnecessary expectations? Because some would be useful in this regard.

One of the other, rather big reasons for my lack of posting is that changes are coming soon to a GFB near you -- a rather substantial redesign is currently in the works, including a possible change in address. The question about what to do with my online life has always plagued me, and I'm looking forward to taking a few hours and starting from scratch. One problem I had starting out was a lack of content for the site -- now, I feel like the issue is too much content, and too scattered. One idea I'm toying with is a master domain for my multiple projects; another is splitting up various activities among domains. I'm thinking about photo blogs. I'm thinking about subject-oriented blogs. I'm thinking about ways to make such sites more interesting to people other than family/friends.

And I'm thinking about getting some sleep, not to mention my three jobs and car-hunting and the screenplay that I want to have written by the end of June.

What's sad? Now that classes are pretty much over, this is the most relaxed I've been in a really long time. Just work, writing, and web stuff.

I love my Ws.

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